Friday, March 9, 2012

Will we ever learn..

Do we really need something bad to happen to learn our lesson?A child was kidnapped last week while on the way back from a grocery store a block away from her house.She went because her father ask her to go!How can you as an adult ask a 6 or 7 year old child to go out alone to do chores like going to a grocery store?A few years ago this nation was shocked when a child was kidnapped and later believe to be murdered while going out,ALONE to a night market near her house.Yet there are still parents who believe it is alright for their child to go to a grocery store,or to the playground NEAR their house,ALONE.

It is because of our mentality.We always believe it will happen to someone else but not us.Aren't we that someone else?When an accident happen,we say it is because the driver is careless,or because the driver is speeding yet we ourselves are sometimes careless,we also speed yet we believe we will never get involve in an accident.When we read in the news a lady driver handbag was snatch,we say she was careless yet there are lots of lady driver who put their handbag right there on the passenger seat while driving.Ladies,snatch thief can snatch your handbag while you are busy talking on your mobile while entering or exiting your car,yet when you go around especially at parking lots,it is a common scene.If it is just your handbag they are targeting,what if it is your car or you yourself?

Isn't it too late to regret things that has already happen?It can be avoided if we are more careful,more observant of our surrounding.Money lost can be replace,but a life lost?